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Celebrating Leading the Way in Comfort and Care

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The recognition wall greets visitors at the front doors of
Radcliffe and Fickes Houses.

In 2008, Homestead Village kicked off a truly ambitious goal to raise $3.25 million dollars to create state of the art households for nursing care and a memory support personal care house. That campaign wrapped up four years later, surpassing its goal.  During that time, an historic recession took place that nearly derailed the campaign.  It is a tribute to the generosity of the Homestead community that the Apostle Center for Care and Westvue were transformed into the wonderful places to live and work that they have become even while the campaign was conducted! Westvue was transformed into the remarkable Gelhard House, a tranquil, home for residents with memory support needs.

The six smaller panels recognize donors at various giving levels.

In February, 2014, during Valentine's Week, the tribute to that that remarkable campaign finally became a reality.  Gracing the entrance to Radcliffe and Fickes House, the beautiful, lit crystal panels honor the many members of the Homestead community that gave generously to allow the transformation to take place.  Serving as a reminder to the fact that a small group of people can make great things happen, the Leading the Way in Comfort and Care campaign recognition wall also serves as a conversation piece for staff and residents as they recognize and remember the many individuals whose names appear on the panels. Each crystal panel is beautifully lit with bright white LED lights, allowing the panels to be illuminated during the day and creating a beautifully glowing tribute at night.  What a remarkable and fitting Valentine's present, reminding all of us of the generous hearts of so many Homestead community members.