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Charting the Changes for the Better

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fickes House Kitchen and Dining Room

 Change is a neccesity of life.  It is a key step in improving quality of service; plus it keeps life interesting.  In fact no change is equal to stagnation.  Homestead Village has been changing dramatically over the past several years.  Those changes have all been designed to improve our delivery of quality care; but perhpas the changes have been so numerous and widespread that we need to take stock and review how enhanced living at Homestead Village is delivered.  So, for the next few months, that will be the focus of my articles.  Hopefully, they will be both helpful and informative, explaining how the various services of Homestead Village fit together to create the finest senior living experience.   The topics will be:

 - How do Levels of Care and Aging in Place coexist?

 - Insurance options - How to choose?
 - What makes the Homestead Village model superior?
 - A Homestead Village Glossary