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Enhanced Senior Living means Enhanced Exercise Opportunties!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What does Enhanced Exercise look like?  Check out the following for just a sample of our outstanding fitness options.
Genesis Rehab Services ~ Our Physical Therapist Jim Dumser is a qualified geriatric professional who will work with you to design an exercise program tailored specifically for you.  If you are experiencing balance and/or strength problems, ask your medical doctor for a referral.
A Therapeutic Walking Club will begin on Friday, May 20 at 2 PM.  Meet at the track around the swimming pool and be prepared to walk. 
Kelly Ross; Certified in NETA Natural Exercise ~ Kelly will work with you one on one to make exercise safe, fun and motivating.  She will help you design an exercise program in your own living room, and /or show you how to use the Nova Care therapy equipment to enhance your exercise.  She charges $20 a session and they last one half hour to 45 minutes.  You may reach Kelly by calling 598-2243.
Aging Gracefully Exercise Class with Kelly Ross ~ Kelly has extensive training and experience with leading exercise with seniors. This group class is held on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday in our Activities Room at 8 AM and again at 9 AM.  Kelly works with you so every body part is active using weights and bands.  Some exercises are done while sitting, and some leg and balance exercises are done while standing.  Laughter is considered very healthy, so a joke session is included at every class.  This exercise class is open to residents who are looking for a weekly exercise program.  There is no cost for this class. 
Taijiquan (Tai chi) is a Chinese Martial Art with roots tracing to ancient China.  It consists of choreographed movements.
·        Advanced Tai Chi Class- The Wednesday morning 9:30 AM class is in our Activities Room.  Instructor Dave Lundgren leads this session which runs for 12 weeks for a cost of $100. 
*Prerequisite:  two twelve week sessions of the Beginner Tai Chi Class and a referral from Suzanne Martin.  Please contact Karen Longenecker at 397-4831 Ext. 132 if you have interest in the class.
·        Beginner Tai Chi Class- The Friday morning 9:30 AM class is in our Activities Room.  Instructor Suzanne Martin is a certified Group Fitness Instructor through NETA with Active Older Adult Certification.  She received training and teaching in Tai Chi in central PA and regularly attends seminars to further her education.   This seated class runs for 12 weeks for a cost of $100.  Please contact Karen Longenecker at 397-4831 Ext. 132 if you have interest in this. 
Aquatic Exercise Class ~ with Kim Mannon is another great opportunity for fitness, this is open to all residents at no charge.  This class is held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1 PM in our Homestead Village pool.   Aquatic exercise is much gentler on joints than land exercise and increases muscle strength when using the resistance of the water.  Some new ideas are being introduced into the class from the Aquatics Exercise Association certification class Kim attended in September 2010.  You will need to have a release form signed by your family doctor in order to participate.  These forms may be obtained from Charlene Paul in the Accounting Office.  We have locker rooms for your convenience with changing.  Come and join us and be reassured there is no need to get your hair wet!