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Homestead Village Focuses on Unified Therapy Services

Monday, December 15, 2014

For nearly twenty years, NovaCare (formerly Drevna Papson) has been a tremendous partner to Homestead Village, helping to fund  both the therapy pool and the fitness area through their lease payments.  Countless Homestead Village residents have used their outpatient therapy services and overwhelmingly the reports are positive that NovaCare provides outstanding rehabilitation services.
Likewise for the past fourteen years, Genesis Rehabilitation has been providing excellent nursing home therapy services in the Apostles Center for Care.  Homestead Village has been blessed to partner with two outstanding organizations, both of whom have benefited our residents.
One thing has been missing though - coordination of services.  The downside to having two separate companies operating the therapy services at Homestead Village is the fact that they are competitors and cannot build a seamless, integrated, high quality therapy program.  Earlier this year we began the conversation with both companies in order to determine the best course of action.  It quickly became clear that the successful outpatient track record of NovaCare in Lancaster County made the decision a no-brainer.  NovaCare has a large clientele and relationships with many orthopedic practices.
NovaCare is a division of Select Medical based in Mechanicsburg PA.  Select operates NovaCare outpatient clinics like ours, rehabilitation hospitals such as the new Penn State Hershey Rehabilitation Hospital and skilled nursing rehabilitation services under the name Select Medical.  Select will begin providing therapy services in the Apostles Center for Care February 1, 2015.  Our long relationship with Genesis is coming to an end; but Genesis has once again proven they are a quality company as they have committed to a smooth, professional transition.

The new Select Rehabilitation relationship will greatly improve the coordination of services in both gyms with nearly all independent living residents using the downstairs clinic.  Apartment residents who desire will still be able to receive services in the Apostles Center gym.  We are looking forward to an even stronger, more successful therapy program with this new, strengthened partnership with Select Medical.