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Homestead Village's 25th Anniversary Gala is a Resident Success Story

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

While the gala is covered elsewhere in this issue, it is important to point out the unique role our residents played. It is another example of the unique culture of Homestead Village.

November 3, 2011, Homestead Village celebrated its 25th anniversary in style at Bent Creek Country Club. The gala was planned and implemented by Homestead Village residents and they did a phenominal job! The voluteer committee chose the location, the menu and the entertainment. The end result was a special evening for all who attended.

Starting with a historical skit obstenisbly about the history of Homestead Village, the skit skidded into unpredictable territory as a number of notable Pennsylvanians made their appearance and explained their role in the formation of our retirement community. About the only thing they agreed on was the mispronunciation of the name of their moderator, Douglas Motter. The result was both humorous and eductional.

Following a delicious meal and a capital campaign donation by the Auxillary, the entertainment began. Danicing through the decades of the twentieth century was a fascinating dance revue that revealed through dance and costumes the radical cultural changes that occured throughout the century. It was wonderful entertainment.

It was a great evening for everyone.