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Homestead's Role in the Community

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Homestead Village is a wonderful community of individuals 62 and older living vibrant and interesting lives, helping each other and helping the greater community.  Homestead Village is a large employer providing full time jobs for over 100 individuals and even more part-time jobs, providing a full range of benefits and creating a great place to work.  Homestead Village is a leading business in our community, paying taxes to the local school district and local municipalities.  Homestead Village is a member of local, state and national associations and a partner with many schools and other institutions to promote education and healthcare in the community.   Homestead Village is a charitable, non-profit, mission driven organization.  Even with all that we contribute, there is ongoing pressure on Homestead to do more, to contribute more and do it with flat or reduced revenue from Medicare and Medicaid.

Unlike most businesses, Homestead Village is a community of citizens as well as a revenue producing non-profit organization.  In reality, Homestead Village has a tremendous effect on the greater Lancaster community as most individual residents contribute and volunteer throughout Lancaster County and then come together as Homestead Village and impact the Lancaster community even more!

All non-profits try to capture and report their impact on the greater community in order to fulfill the charitable nature of the organization.  Homestead Village is no different.  We ask residents to document their volunteer hours while at Homestead Village and we ask residents to contribute to various community assistance projects that we pursue each year.  Another non-profit in our local community is our local fire department.   While they receive some assistance from the municipality, they are dependent on citizen support.  The fire department looks at Homestead Village as a large user of fire and emergency services and asks us to pledge large donations toward their services.  We believe we can have an even greater impact on the fire company if Homestead residents contribute individually to the Rohrerstown Fire Company.  You have numerous avenues to contribute.  If you receive a direct mail request you can respond directly.  Or you can send your contribution to the address below:

Rohrerstown Fire Company
500 Elizabeth Street
Lancaster, PA  17603

The third way to contribute is to drop off a check made out to Rohrerstown Fire Company at the Homestead Village Receptionist Desk.  We will deliver all checks received by the end of May, 2014.

Whatever method you choose, please let Mary Shaeffer know how much you contributed so that we can capture the total positive impact that Homestead Village has on the fire company and on our overall community.

Thank you for all that you do to make Lancaster a better place.