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Living in a Compassionate Community

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our mission states it.  We often talk about it.  Homestead Village is a compassionate community.  Residents serve the greater Lancaster community in so many different ways.

One of the best examples of that dedication is the service that Homestead Village residents give to Schreiber Pediatric.  Many Homestead residents volunteer at Schreiber on a regular basis.  Recently, our residents held their third Jewelry "shop" at Schreiber Pediatric, blessing dozens of children and giving them the opportunity to surprise their mothers with beautiful jewelry for Mothers' Day.  It is compassionate for residents of Homestead Village to want to bless the young children being helped by Schreiber; and to think of their mothers, too.

 It was also generous of them to contribute their own jewelry and/or to go out and purchase new jewelry for the shop.

That exemplifies the Homestead Village spirit of compassionate community. From volunteering all around Lancaster county to helping each other, Homestead residents understand the concept of "loving your neighbor."  They display it every day!