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Medicare, a Praying Mantis and Artistic Dining Staff

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Praying Mantis

A friend who happens to be a musician, pastor and father shared the following story recently.  The other night my boys were looking at a praying mantis that their "Papa" (my father in law) caught in a jar. When he let it go, he told my boys, "Be careful. Sometimes these little guys can get angry."

My son asked, "Why is he angry?"

To which Papa replied, "Because he's scared."

Teaching moment!

When you encounter someone who is angry, upset, or frustrated....there is a good chance they're just scared. Scared of being "found out". Scared that they may be wrong, but they've believed they were right for so long. So, maybe next time, when you're tempted to respond to them in kind....choose peace instead. You just might help them be less afraid!  This is a technique that we have been advocating for years at Homestead Village.  It is called "pull-back" and all staff are trained to respond in this manner!  When put in practice, the results are wonderful.

Medicare Open Enrollment is Approaching

Homestead Village recommends that you enroll in traditional Medicare (Part A, Part B and Part D with a supplemental insurance policy) as that will ensure the best coverage for all circumstances.  If however, you want to take advantage of the cost savings afforded by Medicare Advantage Plans, Homestead recommends that you choose from the four companies with which we have or are pursuing a contract.  They are:
1.  Capital Blue Cross

  • Commercial
  • Keystone Health Plan Central 
  • Senior Blue PPO
  •  Senior Blue HMO

2.  Highmark

  • Commercial
  • Freedom Blue PPO

3.  Health America

  • Commercial
  • Medicaid (Coventry Cares)
  • Advantra HMO
  • Advantra PPO

4.  Aetna

  • Commercial
  • Medicare Advantage

Artistic Dining Staff

Eloy Jaimes
Rachel Poletti

Recently chef Eloy Jaimes and server Rachel Poletti decided to pit their artistic talents against one another as they both created paintings based on the word "Culture."  The result were the following works of art, painted over a two to three day period!  Both Eloy and Rachel are commended for their talent and their ability to capture the essence of culture.  Rachel stated that the image of the child was painted from a picture she took during a recent missionary trip to Costa Rica.  Eloy said that his painting was a reflection of his love of Spanish Culture, especially the vibrant colors.  Their creations were displayed in the dining room for a few days this summer.