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New Pharmacy Will Enable Electronic Medication Administration

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Last month, Homestead Village announced a major change in therapy providers as Select Medical, a sister company to NovaCare will take over the therapy services in the Apostles Center for Care.  The goal is to create a high quality, unified, efficient and effective therapy service building on the corporate relationship between NovaCare and Select Medical.  The transition is going well as Select Medical has selected most of its therapists and will begin service February 1, 2015.  Many familiar faces will remain as a number of Genesis therapists have decided to stay with us and work for Select Medical.

One year ago, Homestead Village implemented a state of the art electronic health record, PointClickCare.  The benefits of electronic record keeping are too numerous to list; but the greatest benefits are enhanced communication and more efficient record keeping.  All of the benefits lead to better quality care!  The last, major piece of the electronic health record to be implemented is the electronic administration of medications.  Rather than the current outdated method of documenting on paper, the new electronic charting method helps to identify the resident and the medications and tracks all aspects of the process, leading to less errors and better outcomes.

To implement eMAR (electronic medication administration record-keeping), Homestead Village will be partnering with a state of the art company, Phoebe Services Pharmacy.  Phoebe Services Pharmacy was one of the early test pharmacies for PointClickCare and as such has a wealth of knowledge and experience with PointClickCare.  Phoebe also has a team of trainers on their staff to ensure the best possible implementation of the eMAR system.  In addition Phoebe offers both census integration and orders integration with PointClickCare.  Orders integration is one of the other critical benefits of switching to an eMAR system.  It means the integration of physician orders into the PointClickCare system.  Much like the medication administration records, physician orders are currently printed separately by the pharmacy and only exist in paper form.  Now physician orders will be fully integrated into the electronic health record.

Phoebe Services Pharmacy has a great customer service culture and will provide our residents and their families with great service and consultation, especially when it comes to determining which formulary and which Medicare Part D plan is best for you.  Phoebe Services Pharmacy is a subsidiary of Phoebe Ministries, a high quality, non-profit, charitable, senior living organization based in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Homestead Village will receive outstanding service from Phoebe Services' pharmacy location in East Petersburg, just a few minutes from our door!