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Protecting Our Community from Influenza

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Leaders get Vaccinated!  Please be a leader.

Over the past few months, Homestead Village has focused its efforts on vacinating as many residents and staff against The Flu as possible.  The results have been better than ever imagined.  Nearly all of our health care residents are vacinated.  100% of our dining services partner, Cura Hospitality's, employees have been vacinated.  All of Homestead Village's full time employees and all but one regular part-time employee have been vacinated.   No other hospital or retirement community can claim that level of commitment on the part of the staff to the health and well being of their residents. 

Why are we so conmmitted to vaccination?  Because studies show that when community members are vaccinated, the incidence of flu is reduced including cases of death resulting from the flu. 

Here are all of Homestead Village's recommendations:

  • If you are a family member or visitor, we highly recommend that you be vaccinated.
  • If for somne reason you have not been vacinated, then we strongly recommend that you wear a mask when you visit.
  • If you are not feeling well, coughing, sneeing or experiencing a runny nose, please consider postponing your visit until your symptoms have subsided.
  • Remember to wash your hands and use sanitiser regularly.
  • Remember that bathroom faucets and door handles are dirty and sources of bacteria that cause sickneess.  Use a paper towel to turn off faucets and open doors.

If we all work together we can minimize the terrible impact of the flu!