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Resident Expectation Survey Points to High Satisfaction Levels

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Every two years for over a decade, Homestead Village has asked our residents to participate in a satisfaction survey.  The survey has two components.  The first is the numerical scoring in 22 categories.  The second and much larger part of the survey is the comments that are solicited within each question and overall.

Fortunately Homestead Village Residents are a little happier than this group!

Numerical Scores
Every category improved from 2013!  Overall Satisfaction improved 14% from 2.83 to 3.22  The average of all scores in all categories improved 13% to 3.11  Both scores average in the Strongly Satisfied category.

The lowest scoring categories were quality of food provided by dining and care in the Apostles Center for Care.  Both garnered 2.5.    Quality of food improved 11%  from 2013 while care in the Apostles Center remained constant.  Please remember that a 2.5 is between satisfied and strongly satisfied; so while it is the lowest score, it is still a positive score!    

The service areas that recorded the highest levels of increased satisfaction were:
Upkeep and Repair of Buildings:   19%
Care in the Infirmary:  21%
Appearance of Grounds and Landscaping:  22%
Housekeeping Services in the Common Areas:  26%

As has been the case, the two areas of service with the highest overall scores were Staff Friendliness and Helpfulness and Transportation.  Both scored a 3.6.  Runner up was Snow Removal with 3.5.

Hundreds of comments were submitted with the survey.  They include criticisms, praise and suggestions.  All of the comments have been scrutinized by the leaders of Homestead Village and will be shared with the Board of Directors. The comments will be grouped according to popularity, cost effectiveness and strategic planning. Those deemed to improve Homestead Village's quality service and can be implemented within our budget parameters will be pursued immediately.  Others will help to shape our ongoing strategic plan and be placed on the wish list for future years.

This systematic feedback from residents is critical to ensure the highest quality service for the residents of Homestead Village.  Your participation is greatly appreciated.