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Saying Thank You!

Monday, June 18, 2012

As we draw nearer to the completion of our successful Capital Campaign, the Board and Capital Campaign Steering Committee began the process to determine how to recognize the contributors to the campaign.  Every gift has made a difference in the lives of the residents of the Apostles Center for Care and Gelhard House and we are thankful for each of them.  A special recognition display has been created to recognize the major contributors to the campaign.  Featuring panels of crystal, the names of the givers will be etched into the crystal and lit using special LED lights placed in the decorative bases supporting the crystal.  The recognition wall will be located near the dining room entrances to Fickes House and Gelhard House.  All gifts in excess of $3,000 will be recognized on the display.  A representation of the display can be seen below:

It Is Not Too Late!
It is not too late to contribute to the "Leading the Way in Comfort and Care Campaign."  We will be accepting contributions to the campaign for years to come, but new panels cannot be added until all the spaces have been occupied.  If you would like your name displayed on the initial display, then please make your contribution by the end of July, 2012.  

The capital campaign allowed us to create the new households and this display will allow us to honor those who made the dream a reality.