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Tulips, Transportation and Memories

Friday, April 20, 2012

It has been a wonderful spring at Homestead Village.  The beautiful weather and the flurry of activities has made it memorable in many ways.  The photographs above capture some of that spring magic as well as the benefits of living at Homestead.

Spring came early in 2012 and it has blessed us with many weeks of sunny skies, warm temperatures, flowering trees vibrant spring gardens.  The Homestead Village main entrance and flag circle have never looked better, awash in a large expanse of brightly colored tulips.  All around the campus, flowering trees provide spectacular vistas.  We will be sorry to see the last vestiges of this spring season.

In addition to the beautiful grounds, a walk out our front door usually involves an encounter with one of the  many unique vehicles from the Homestead Village motor pool.  Our fleet of white GMC pick-up trucks are a common sight around the campus.  The big Chevrolet Diesel Bus still looks as striking as the day it joined our fleet over three years ago.  The Transit Connect darts all around the campus and around Lancaster proudly advertising the benefits of Homestead Village as it ferries wheelchair bound and ambulatory residents to appointments.  The Lincoln Town Car is our most stately and elegant vehicle and it has been serving our residents for nearly nine years.  It still looks brand new.

In the midst of the beauty of the spring season, we said farewell to many Homestead Village friends and neighbors this past winter and spring.  Their hard work, dedication and impact on Homestead Village, Church of the Apostles and even Lancaster County was outstanding.  Many of our lives were brightened and made better by their efforts and their presence.  We will miss them; but we will not forget!