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Welcome Back!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In the course of working toward fulfilling our mission, some staff members devote many years and even decades of their lives to making Homestead Village a better place to live and work.  Along that journey they are joined by many competent and caring individuals who, for a variety of reasons, choose to pursue a different challenge after a few years.  Sometimes great staff members leave due to an incredible job offer and sometimes it is the need to do something different. Homestead Village is blessed to welcome back three returning leaders who bring outstanding knowledge and capability to our leadership team.

Carol Huff

Carol Huff is returning to the position of Director of Nursing after a six year hiatus.  Carol served as Director of Nursing at Homestead Village from 2001 to 2005.  Our team is excited to welcome Carol back.  Her passion for quality resident care and her knowledge make her invaluable.  Carol has her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Millersville University and a Masters in Nursing with a concentration in geriatrics from the University of Deleware.  She has studied extensively both in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Yojaira Alamonte

Yojaira Almonte, Jay, is returning as our Registered Nurse Assessment Coordinator, a position she previously held in 2007-08.  While working at Homestead Village, Jay became a Registered Nurse .  She left to become an RNAC consultant and has helped numerous other nursing homes with their compliance.  Jay is very excited to return to Homestead Village to work with Carol Huff, whom she met while Carol was working as a Department of Health surveyor.

Laura Tallarico

Earlier this year, Laura Tallarico returned to Homestead Village as our Director of Human Resources.  Laura previously worked at Homestead Village over ten years ago as a receptionist while in Law School and returned to Homestead Village as an Assistant Administrator in 2008.  Laura has her law degree from Widener University and has clerked in the Lancaster Court system, worked as a public defender for three years and worked in private practice specializing in veterans affairs.  Laura's legal prowess brings a new component to our leadership team.

Homestead Village is very fortunate to be able to welcome these outstanding staff members back to its team.  It is also a reflection on the quality of our organization that these individuals desired to bring their talents back to Homestead Village.