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Plow and Pineapple Evokes Heritage and Delicious, Nutritious Dining.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

by Susan Doyle and Douglas Motter
In colonial times, The White Swan Hotel stood at the southeast corner of the square in the heart of Lancaster City.  When few were literate and news came by word-of-mouth, the hotel, marked with the image of a white swan, was a public house where travelers could find hospitality and locals could stop to catch up on the latest news.  Other Lancaster taverns, identified by signs hanging overhead from decorative brackets, included The Golden Lamb, The Conestoga Wagon, The Bunch of Grapes, and more.
Today, businesses continue to use symbols - or logos - that come to represent their organizations. Early in the history of Homestead Village, our logo was a stylized horse-drawn plow.  Long-time residents will remember the history that led to using that image.  Over 38 years ago, when Church of the Apostles broke ground for a new church building, congregants themselves pulled an antique plow through the earth.  That plow, donated by former Homestead Village resident, the late Martha Stoner, still stands in front of the church. 

The plow became our first logo in honor of the church’s role in the founding of Homestead Village. However, those who were unfamiliar with the farm-based heritage of our community had difficulty recognizing the image of the plow.  Since Homestead Village came to be recognized for its warm and friendly atmosphere, the pineapple - known as a symbol of welcome and hospitality - was incorporated into the logo, alternating with the plow in a stylish banner or border.  As the personality of Homestead Village evolved, so did its logo, with the pineapple today solely representing “enhanced senior living.” 

Plow and Pineapple has been chosen as the new name for our dining room by the organization’s leadership team, after a contest in which the Homestead Village community submitted dozens of names.  While there were many excellent suggestions, Plow and Pineapple met the unique criteria we desired.  The plow suggests the earth from which our food derives, as the pineapple symbolizes the bounty of our dining room.  The contributor of the name wishes to remain anonymous with the reminder that the space will always be where we come together for good food and good fellowship. 
In addition to honoring our past and present, the Plow & Pineapple also pays homage to the quality food we serve.  Fresh fruits and vegetables abound and wherever possible, they are sourced from our local farms.  Our new name reflects our promise to provide great food every day – farm fresh; natural; focused on health and wellness.
Plow and Pineapple will be represented with two distinct works of art.  The first will be the “pub” sign hanging outside the dining room.  It features the actual Homestead Village logos used throughout the decades.  The second artwork is a more artistic take on the name.  It will hang on the formal wall, inviting all to enter and enjoy a great dining experience.

Both versions capture the unique history of Homestead Village and unique dining opportunities our community offers.