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Living Our Vision - Unsung Heros at Homestead

Monday, February 16, 2015

The definition of a hero according to Merriam-Webster is a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities; a person who is greatly admired.  There are so many heroes behind the scenes that make Homestead Village a success.  Sometimes we take their contributions for granted.  It is probably impossible to identify all of these key individuals; but let's try.

In the midst of winter we need to start with our environmental services department who drop all of their other work to move snow and keep our community safe and operating.  Not only do they keep the roads clear and passable, they clear community sidewalks, parking lots, and individual home driveways and walkways.  Then they go a step further and clean off the snow from resident cars parked outside the apartment building.  Their conscientiousness and diligent work is remarkable.

Our next heroes are the resident volunteers who serve all around the community, providing very important functions.  Think of the volunteers who distribute internal mail to the cottages, Villa Court and The Mews and also help sort apartment, personal care and nursing home mail. We also need to remember all of the residents who volunteer on resident committees, performing a critical role to help make Homestead Village a better place to live and work.  Those committees give valuable feedback, solve problems and provide leadership and direction.  Residents volunteer in the gift shop, the store , the library and on many fund raising and other task forces. Volunteers in the resident wood shop help out many in the community and the shop was even expanded on two separate occasions by resident volunteers.

Woodshop Open House - Not only do resident wood shop volunteers
help the Homestead community, residents volunteered to construct
and expand the wood shop.

Many residents are extremely generous with their contributions to the Employee Appreciation Fund, which has such a positive impact on our staff members.  There are many other similar, beneficial activities that our residents and other stakeholders contribute to the quality of life at Homestead Village.

Then there are the countless acts of kindness our residents and staff perform on a daily basis to help those around them.  All of these examples point to the fact that members of the Homestead Village community practice our vision statement every day:

To serve all who come into our community with genuine and remarkable kindness, respect, and skill.  Our service is based on the hallmarks of individuality, continual improvement, engagement in the broader community, and commitment to complete wellness.