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Get Vaccinated!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Get your Flu Vaccination!

Homestead Village is serious about protecting our community from influenza.  Last year, we achieved 100% vaccination compliance from our staff members. This year we plan to do the same.  Since influenza is transmitted both in the air and by contact, it is imperative that every visitor and resident of Homestead Village take precautions to avoid a flu outbreak.

Here are the  suggested guidelines for all residents and visitors:
1.  Get vaccinated!
2.  If you fail to get vaccinated, then:
3.  Sanitize your hands when you enter.
4.  Wash your hands regularly, especially after touching your mouth, nose or eyes or after coughing or sneezing.
5.  Wear a mask when in public areas and when visiting family members in the Apostles Center or Gelhard House.
6.  We request that no one enter the Apostle Center or Gelhard House unless they are vaccinated.

Influenza is a life threatening disease for older adults.  Please help us keep every member of the Homestead Village Community healthy and safe!