CARF Re-Accreditation at Homestead Village in Lancaster, PA

Homestead Village CARF Re-Accreditation Survey: Awaiting Results

2022 CARF Re-Accreditation Survey

A Fresh Oppurtunity Awaits at the Townstead Apartments

CARF International accreditation provides a visible symbol that assures the public of our commitment to continually enhance the quality of services and programs with a focus on the satisfaction of the persons served.

Life plan communities earning CARF accreditation are recognized for their ongoing innovation and continued conformance to the standards.

What Are the Benefits of CARF Accreditation?

In addition to demonstrating solid business practices, accredited providers also enjoy:

  • Fiscal savings: Financial institutions, including rating agencies, investment bankers, and insurance carriers, look for accreditation as a sign of financial stability. They value the rigorous due diligence that results from accreditation and respond by offering savings on future financial transactions.
  • A marketing advantage: Accreditation gives organizations a competitive edge in the eyes of prospective residents, families, caregivers, and others. Providers displaying the CARF seal stand out in today’s crowded field of provider options.
  • Risk management: Accreditation can help to reduce an organization’s exposure to risk in areas such as human resources, healthcare, governance, and finance.
  • Access to an international network: Accreditation gives an organization the opportunity to collaborate, form partnerships, and share ideas with an international network of other providers that have earned accreditation.

Why choose CARF over other accreditors? CARF stands for continuous quality improvement with a focus on the satisfaction of persons served. CARF accreditation makes a difference!

Who Can Be CARF Accredited?

CARF International was founded in 1966 as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services. 

The CARF International group of companies currently accredits more than 60,000 programs and services at over 28,000 locations. More than 15.3 million persons of all ages are served annually by 8,000-plus CARF-accredited service providers.

CARF accreditation extends to countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

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CARF Accreditation at Homestead Village

Homestead Village welcomed its digitally enhanced re-accreditation survey from Monday, October 3 through Wednesday, October 5, 2022.  The digitally enhanced survey utilized Microsoft Teams to connect the CARF surveyors with the groups of persons served, staff members, and other participants in the process.

As an ongoing CARF accredited organization, we are extremely excited to see what this year’s survey results will bring. Stay tuned!

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