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Home Care for Seniors in Lancaster, PA

Are You Thriving At Home?

Thriving at home… being able to enjoy life, experience important events, and, most importantly, live where you want to live.  Our goal at Homestead Village Homecare is to safely keep your desire to Thrive Where You Are®, alive and well.

Where Is Home?

When Homestead Village HomeCare Services thinks of “home,” it can be nearly anywhere … it can be in your home in Lancaster County on the street where you’ve lived for many years.  It can be here, on the Homestead Village campus – in the Cottages, the Villas, the Mews, or Farmstead.  Home can be on the campus of another continuing care retirement community. Home is your specific home – familiar, warm, and full of wonderful memories.  Your home is the place that brings you peace of mind and it’s your plan to live there forever!

Ways We Come Alongside…

Sometimes we are able to come to your home and help with chores such as preparing meals; doing the laundry; “swiffering” the floor and straightening up; changing bed linens; and other such common chores that help you around the home.  Our staff can take you to the store or go to the store for you.  We can take you to appointments.  When you need that extra help to thrive, we’re right here and willing to come.

There may be times when a surgery, health struggle, or healing requires a little more help to ensure you’re safe and able to stay at home.  Our trained CareGivers can come alongside at those times, too.  As well as helping with meals, laundry, and chores, our CareGiver team can provide safety assurance in the shower; assistance dressing and undressing; a steady arm around your home; and so much more.

Specially Focused Services…

Homestead Village HomeCare Services can serve your needs in two additionally focused ways – Driver Services and Housekeeping Services.  If you find that you cannot drive, one of our staff will come to your home, take you to your appointment or venue, and bring you back home afterward. Our staff can take you to the airport or the shore… getting you where you want to be when driving is just not possible.

Beyond the “swiffering” and “straightening up” that we do in a care shift,  we can serve your housekeeping needs by scheduling specific shifts geared only toward cleaning your home.  Consider having our staff come and clean routinely, keeping you freer to enjoy other activities that bring you more joy!

Let’s Connect…

If you sense that you would benefit from HomeCare support, let’s explore your needs together.  Please call to schedule a free care consultation.  Our staff will meet with you in your home to explore your personal care needs.  Together with you, we’ll build a care plan that can work!

Ways to Connect…

Homestead Village HomeCare office: 717-397-3044
e-Mail:  homecare@hvillage.org


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