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Homestead Village to open Harvest House Memory Support Center

Our strategic plan calls for the ongoing assessment of the execution of our mission: “Enhancing Independence and Dignity As Together We Create a Compassionate Community.” A thorough evaluation of our campus plans has identified the second floor of the original Westvue building — which formerly housed staff offices — as an ideal location for an additional care household. The Harvest House Memory Support Center project has been launched, with construction to begin this summer and a completion date slated for fall 2018. This new household, composed of 13 additional private rooms, will serve residents with personal care needs in a secure and caring setting.

Memory Support at the Gelhard House

The Gelhard House at Homestead Village is designed specifically to provide secure, high-quality memory support services in a personal care setting.

This beautifully appointed home features 13 private rooms of varying sizes and designs. Each room has its own private bathroom with shower.

The central living space in the Gelhard House has a lovely living room, sunroom, parlor, dining room, and country kitchen. The Gelhard House Courtyard is a favorite gathering place for residents who enjoy gardening, outdoor conversations, or group activities.

Memory Support at the Apostles Center

The Memory Support program at the Apostles Center is tailored to individuals for whom skilled nursing services are appropriate. Residents receive expert, compassionate care from team members who understand their unique physical, mental, and emotional needs. One of the Apostles Center households is designed specifically for residents who can benefit from Memory Support.

Life Enrichment

The lives of residents at both the Gelhard House and the Apostles Center are enriched by meaningful, enjoyable relationships and experiences. Our life enrichment program is designed to help residents build relationships with other residents and staff, as well as strengthen ties with lifelong friends and family. We accomplish this by creating a wide variety of fulfilling experiences and programs.

Our staff encourages residents to pursue hobbies and interests that they enjoyed prior to their move to Homestead Village—as well as to explore new interests and pastimes. Completing the Resident Interest survey prior to move-in assists staff in planning and preparing experiences that will help this new environment become home.

Schedules of planned programs can be found in both the Gelhard House and Apostles Center living rooms. Copies of the schedule are also available from the Life Enrichment Coordinator.

Special Celebrations

Many holidays and special events are celebrated at both the Gelhard House and Apostles Care Memory Support households. Valentine’s Day, Homestead Day, Halloween, Christmas/Holiday Family Dinner, birthdays, and national holidays are just a few of the occasions we mark with lively festivities.

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