6 Benefits of Living in a Life Plan Community

The Benefits of Living in a Life Plan Community

Should I live in a life plan community?

6 Benefits of Living in a Life Plan Community

What are your options when thinking about retirement living? You’ve dreamed about this moment for most of your career; you’ve worked hard, put in the hours. Maybe you raised a family, moved up the corporate ladder, put in the extra days, sacrificed and saved, planned, and invested in putting together your retirement plan. So now that the time is here, what are your options? 

Common Options for Retirement Living

Here are some of the most common retirement living options and the pros and cons to each:

“Staying Put”

Often the seemingly easiest choice for many new retirees is to simply continue living in their home as they always have. They may have lived in their home for many years, and it feels safe and comfortable. They likely know the surrounding areas and feel supported by the familiarity of their town and routines. Neighbors have likely become friends, and family may live nearby. 

Although this option may seem like the best at first, the sentiments can fade into realizations that the home no longer serves you. As time goes on, many older adults realize that home maintenance is no longer a desirable way to spend their time. There can also be concerns with the accessibility of the home itself, or the distance from conveniences, shopping, or medical care. Feelings of loneliness can creep in as familiar neighbors move away.  

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Age-Restricted (55+) Communities 

These communities set a minimum age requirement to reside there, ranging from different homeownership options like cottages, ranchers, condos, and apartment complexes. The draw of these communities is the ability to live independently in a neighborhood of individuals who share similar life experiences and interests. Some of these communities offer clubhouses, organized events, or even the draw of a resident-only golf course. 

These amenities vary, as do the community rules, restrictions, and leasing or purchase agreements. This option allows older adults to live independently in a relatively controlled environment. While these communities can provide socialization and independent living, they do not offer healthcare support if you require assistance. Additionally, if more care is required, the resident must typically relocate out of the community. If someone’s partner requires higher care than they do, there is a high likelihood that the partner will have to move somewhere out of the community. Services and amenities in a 55+ community are typically not as robust as in a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). Homeownership also comes with the headaches of having to service and replace appliances, fixtures, or other big-ticket items like roofing. 

Living with Adult Children

While moving in with your children can be a charming thought at first, it often can come with challenges such as finding the right amount of space for comfortable co-living. This also can be challenging as many younger couples both work full time leaving their parents at home alone for extended periods of time. Although many adult children (often known as the sandwich generation) are willing to have their parents move in, it certainly changes the parental dynamic which can lead to disagreements or discomfort if not openly and honestly discussed.   

Top-Rated Choice: A Life Plan Community 

Formally known as CCRC, Life Plan Communities combine all of the upsides to the previously mentioned retirement living options, are a form of age-restricted communities, and provide retirement living in a beautiful campus setting. We at Homestead Village are a unique life plan community offering different levels of care and housing, along with various exclusive amenities. At Homestead, you can thrive where you are! You’ve worked hard; now it’s time to relax and enjoy yourself in a community that cares. 

What’s Included in the Life Plan Community at Homestead Village?

At Homestead Village, we understand our residents are active and still engaged in the community. Because of this, we have adopted a Thrive Where You Are® mentality in our Life Plan Community where all aspects of Homestead Village focus on providing our residents what they need to live their best lives without unnecessary moves through the continuum of care. Here are the main reasons that Homestead Village in Lancaster, PA, is a highly sought-after option for retirement living:

A Planned Neighborhood

Our planned neighborhoods provide you with the lifestyle you want to live. Be surrounded by a community of your peers and various housing options to fit your exact needs. Maybe the stairs in your two-story home aren’t working for you. Perhaps your condo is feeling too crowded. There are options for every lifestyle and need. The level of care you desire or require can ebb and flow, but you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that support is just a phone call away when you need it. 

Homestead Village’s minimum age is 62, so the sooner you move in, the sooner you can start building friendships and relationships. These friends and neighbors look out for one another and enjoy “doing life together” in the community. We hear frequently from new residents that they wish they had made the mover sooner. 

Living Together – a Unique Mindset at Homestead Village

At Homestead, we strive to allow spouses and partners to live in their campus home together as long as possible by benefiting from the care of trained professionals that come to your home. These needs include support for activities of daily living that can be provided by Homestead Village Home Care Services. 

We believe you shouldn’t have to live separately from the person you have built your life with and love. Frequently, couples with differing care needs will elect to move to our apartments which are dual-licensed for personal care. This means that one spouse can live independently while the other receives support with activities of daily living—all in the same beautiful apartment. The availability of supportive services also provides peace of mind to family and friends who may not be readily able to provide it themselves. 

If absolutely necessary, the continuum of care at Homestead Village also offers secure personal care and memory support households, skilled nursing care, and therapy services to provide for residents as their needs increase beyond what is safe in the residential independent areas of campus.

Homestead is one of the best-rated CCRCs in Lancaster County.

A Social Campus

There is always something to do on campus; concerts, events, and activities keep our residents staying active and social. Many of our residents participate in the many social gatherings and events. Are you interested in reading? We have a library on campus and book clubs that meet regularly. You don’t have to travel far to watch live music, as we bring some of your favorite artists to our residents on campus. Homestead Village has something for everyone with no shortage of amenities, including a pickleball court, woodshop, fitness center, pool, and craft center. Of course, safety is always a primary concern, so CDC guidelines are always followed for safe gatherings. 


At the Plow and Pineapple, we strive to offer the high-quality dining that our residents enjoy in a setting where they are proud to invite guests. Our Pineapple Room features an elegant evening menu served in an intimate and upscale environment. Our skilled chefs carefully select and prepare our breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. We accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions. We even offer catering! Spend more time enjoying yourself, and let us take care of you. 

Downsizing Maintenance 

We’ve got you covered for a maintenance-free home! You worked hard your whole life, and now it’s time to enjoy yourself. Spend more time doing the things you love and let us handle the chores. Enjoy a beautifully landscaped lawn (included in your monthly fee) and housekeeping (optional through our Home Care Agency). In the winter, gone are the days where you have to shovel snow or worry about being snowed in or falling on ice. We’ll take care of it for you. The Homestead fleet of vehicles and drivers is also here to take you to your appointments (all doctors visits within five miles are complimentary car services) and help you with groceries (a part of our life enrichment programming). We’ve got you covered for a maintenance-free home!

Life Enrichment Programs

Do you enjoy traveling? Take an outing with Homestead! Our nature lovers and birdwatchers can enjoy hikes and treks at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area. For our artists, enjoy an expedition to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Then twice a year, we plan extended trips to places like Williamsburg, the Finger Lakes, and Baltimore. These are just a few examples of what you can expect on our local and extended excursions. 

At Homestead Village, we want you to thrive in your retirement. See for yourself why Homestead Village is the perfect Life Plan Community for you to settle in during your retirement. Reach out to us today to schedule a campus tour that fits your schedule!



What is a Life Plan Community?

Formally known as CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Communities), Life Plan Communities provide enhanced living options in a thriving campus setting. Additional care services are available if, and when needed.

What is the Benefit of a Planned Neighborhood?

Be surrounded by a community of your peers and various housing options to fit your needs. Maybe the stairs in your two-story home aren’t working for you. Perhaps your condo is feeling too crowded. There are options for every lifestyle and need. The level of care you desire or need can ebb and flow, but you have the peace of mind knowing it is always there. 

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