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Explore Rader Park

Rader Park sign

If you’ve driven through the main campus of Homestead Village on Apostle Way, and rounded the turn past our Villa Court and towards the large white historic barn, you may have noticed a lovely green space off to the right.  This little gem is called Rader Park!  Rader Park is part of a 1717 William Penn land grant given to Hans Brubaker and Christian Hershey. In 1975, the Church of the Apostles purchased 88 acres from the Brubaker family; used some of the land to create space for Homestead Village and our community way partners, and reserved 20 acres for an outdoor ministry. The vision for the park is a place to nourish minds, bodies, and spirits of all who enter.

The park includes community gardens where anyone can rent an area to plant flowers or vegetables. (Please contact Church of the Apostles if you would like more information about the gardens.) There is also a butterfly garden, pond, Brubaker Run creek front, and gazebo along the 1.5 mile walking trail. You may also notice a shed and signage for the “Seeds of hope community garden.” Produce from the garden totaled over 800 pounds last year, and is given to local food banks.

Additionally, the park features a meditation walk, which is available to everyone who wishes to walk around Rader Park and rest every now and then. There is a box inside each gazebo with a paper you may read and contemplate. If there are extras, you may take a copy. Otherwise, leave the main paper, which is in a plastic sleeve, for the next person. A flyer should also be there for you to take home or give to a friend.

Recently, a Book Exchange was placed in front of the Church of the Apostles Youth Center building (also behind/next to the white barn). It is filled with donated books. Feel free to borrow a book; bring it back or give another book anytime you are nearby. No penalties.

So, as the weather gets nicer, make sure to explore this treasure right in our back yard!    

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