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From the President: Service Worthy of A Story

Denise Goss

Denise Goss, Receptionist

One of our core beliefs at Homestead Village is the importance of stories to underline our mission and vision.  We have learned that telling stories is really more beneficial, encouraging and motivating than that just talking about our values, mission statement and vision statement.  Stories really help to illuminate what makes Homestead Village such a great place to live and work.  For the past year, we have been sharing our many stories internally as an encouragement to our team members and recognition for great service.  We have decided these stories are too good to keep hidden; so we will begin to share them here.  Over the next few weeks, we will share stories from the past year in the order of  original release; but rest assured, new stories will appear soon and when one happens, we will publish it immediately.  We have given this series the name, “Service Worthy of a Story.”  Below is the first in the series:

Service Worthy of a Story:  Denise Goss –  Originally published 2/20/2017

A few weeks ago, I was stopped in the hallway by an apartment resident who wanted to tell me a story.  A couple days earlier she was ill and transported by ambulance to the emergency room.  She has no family in the area; so she knew she would be alone for however long her hospital stay lasted. About 10:30 PM that night, a nurse came into her ER Room and told her that she had a visitor.  Since she had no family, our resident did not know

Denise Goss, Receptionist

who could possibly be visiting that late at night, in the ER, in the city.  A few minutes later in walked Denise Goss, one of our many fine evening receptionists at Homestead Village.  Denise decided at 10 PM at the end of her shift that she needed to check on our resident and keep her company.  Our resident told Denise that she did not need to stay and that she should go home; but Denise gently made it clear that she planned to stay with her until she was discharged or admitted to the hospital.

That, my friends, is caring. That is the essence of a compassionate community. That is love.  We are privileged to work with Denise.

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