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From The President: Improvements and Changes Happening All Over Homestead Village

Chesterfield with a Loft at The Mews at Homestead Village

Homestead Village’s fiscal year ends June 30th each year. Every year we review what we accomplished in the past year and we lay a course for future achievements. Some of the changes are very visible:

  • The beautiful additions to the Apostles Center.
  • The new outside courtyards and patios.
  • The new homes at The Farmstead.
  • New furniture at the main entrance.
  • The renamed Bachman Center and the key areas inside: The Mumma Room and the Hungerford Room.
  • The beautifully decorated Farmstead Clubhouse.

Some are less so:

  • Our Marketing Department has moved to The Farmstead clubhouse.
  • Our Human Resources Department moved to The Bachman Center.
  • The President and Executive Assistant moved to the former Marketing Offices.
  • Kate Wise, our wellness nurse, is now up front by the apartment mailboxes.

For 2016, we have many exciting projects planned, including:

  • Renovations to the second floor and ground floor corridors and common areas of the apartment building.
  • The library and ground floor activity room will both be renovated and reconfigured.
  • New Gazebo and outdoor areas in the cottage area and around the flag pole.
  • The room next to the chapel will become the supportive services activities room.

New safety and security initiatives will be implemented.
As always, we will strive to improve the quality of our services and fulfill our mission and vision. As our vision states, Homestead Village’s goal is to serve each individual with genuine and remarkable kindness, respect and skill.

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