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October is National Physical Therapy Month: 7 Benefits of A CCRC Rehab Center

Therapy Pool at Homestead Village

The heated therapy pool at Homestead Village is 26’ x 52’.

October is National Physical Therapy Month: 7 Benefits of A CCRC Rehab Center

Whether you’re one of our current residents in need of physical, occupational, speech, or restorative therapy, or someone looking for short-term inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation services, you’ve come to the right place! Homestead Village is proud to provide on-site rehabilitation services in the Apostles Center for Care as part of our continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in the Lancaster, PA, area. There are numerous benefits to using the CCRC rehab center at Homestead Village, including our indoor heated therapy pool.

1. Convenience

One of the benefits of living at Homestead Village is the convenience of our on-site rehabilitation center.

Suppose you have a planned or unexpected medical situation arise that requires in- or outpatient therapy services.

If you’re a current HV resident – you’re in luck!  In addition to being super close to home, you won’t have to worry about finding a bed anywhere else and trying to complete complicated applications during an already challenging time. Homestead village offers both a nurse and social worker to help navigate your care and will be on your team through your admission to the Apostles Center for Care, recovery, and discharge back to your campus home.  Once you’ve completed inpatient rehab, our licensed therapists can continue to work with you through your recovery through outpatient therapy – your same therapist can even make house calls.

If you are not a Resident within our CCRC campus, that’s ok. Homestead Village does accept outside admissions for rehabilitation as well as long term care in the Apostles Center for Care.  Our nursing and social work teams help you navigate your goals for recovery.  Your licensed therapist will conduct a home evaluation in your home to ensure continued success once you’re discharged.

In either situation, be sure to tell you social worker at the hospital that you wish to come to Homestead Village for your rehab! Otherwise they may not know your wishes and send you elsewhere. 

If you have a planned surgery scheduled, be sure to call us in advance to check availability and work on any application paperwork or pre-approval procedures that may be needed. 

2. Familiar Location and Staff

Homestead Village is conveniently located just west of Lancaster, PA. The convenient and beautiful location of our CCRC Rehab Center allows for easy access and parking.

For those that live on our campus, residents can receive inpatient care, and then continue with their same staff members through their transition to outpatient care.  Residents have probably seen and met the therapy staff in the café, at our Homestead Village events, and through our various publications.  So, when you see your therapist, it’s like seeing an old friend.

3. Catered to Your Needs

Other rehabilitation sites typically cater to all ages, whereas at Homestead Village, therapy routines are focused on the geriatric population. You’ll receive therapy catered to your individual needs. Our on-site treatment center can help you gain mobility and manage pain, help recover speech and memory care following a stroke or other medical condition and improve your quality of life.

Also, at a rehab hospital, there may not be any life enrichment or planned activities during the day. In our Apostles Center for Care, there are daily programming options, pastoral care, musical events, pet therapy, and more! Click here to view a sample activity calendar:  Homestead Village ACC October 2021 LE Calendar

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4. Ability to Bill Insurance

Not all life plan communities offer rehabilitation services in addition to long-term care options. However, at Homestead Village, you can take advantage of our rehabilitation services without having to worry about submitting claims to your insurance company. We work directly with Medicare and private insurance to handle the billing aspects of your therapy, ensuring you get the quality care you need, where and when you need it.

5. Our Indoor Therapy Pool

Homestead Village features a heated 26’ x 52’ indoor therapy pool. Residents can receive outpatient therapy services through Select Physical therapy to provide aquatic therapy for patients who prefer to take a little pressure off their joints while benefiting from the time spent in physical therapy.  You can continue enjoying the warm water long after you complete your therapy sessions for open swim and leisure. Homestead Village also offers instructor-led fitness classes provided by private instructors.

6. Continue Active Lifestyle After Therapy Completion

In addition to accessing the heated indoor pool after you complete therapy, our full-service enhanced senior living community provides plenty of health and wellness options. Since an active lifestyle is essential to maintaining good health, you are encouraged and able to enjoy a well-equipped health club on campus. And since we geared our health club toward the needs of mature adults, you know that you are in good hands with equipment and programs designed for you. Homestead offers a wide variety of fitness classes including yoga, aquatics, aerobics, seated exercise classes, balance and core strength classes, hula hooping, pickleball, and more!

7. CARF Accreditation

Another great benefit to using our CCRC rehab center is you can rest easy knowing that we are accredited by The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). This accreditation means that our facility is committed to quality improvement, and our services are certified to provide the highest quality of care. You know that we are engaged in helping you Thrive Where You Are, and this certification is just one of the ways we prove it!

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We are proud to offer an on-site rehabilitation center for the residents of Homestead Village and the greater community. Our CCRC rehab is accredited and employs licensed therapy professionals for individuals to get the care they need in a convenient location.

Whether your medical situation was planned or unexpected, you can count on Homestead Village to help you transition back to your home on campus while getting the care you need. See our campus in person and learn about all the benefits our life plan community offers.

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