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Safe Family Visits & Travel Tips for the 2021 Holiday Season

Traveling precautions in 2021

In early November 2021, the U.S. reopened for international travel after an extended shutdown. Not only did the levels of international travel rise tremendously, but domestic travel as well. The entire outlook towards traveling for the holidays seemed to be a bit restored with this shift. 

In a recent NY Times article, Misty Belles, a spokeswoman for Virtuoso, a network of luxury travel agencies and advisers was quoted: “There’s just something about the fact that we’re lifting our borders that changes the perception of travel right now and makes people much more comfortable and confident in doing so.”

When it comes to seeing family during the holidays, most people are still choosing to stay with family members rather than at hotels, rental properties, or elsewhere. In 2019, 83% of holiday travelers stayed with family during their trips, while in 2020, the number dropped to 57%. However, in 2021, this number is expected to rise to 73%. It’s evident that the desire to see family during the holidays is a force to be reckoned with. 

The Importance of Seeing Family During the Holidays

The last two months of the year are famous for suitcases rolling through airports, traffic backed up on the highway, and the headlights of relatives pulling into your driveway. The holidays consistently contain the highest number of trips made throughout the year as people always make it a priority to visit family members, and for good reason. Seeing your family members during this time can tremendously help in maintaining good mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Here are the reasons why.

1. A Support System

Nobody knows you like your family does, including your children, grandchildren, siblings—essentially any branch off of the family tree. If you’ve experienced tough times throughout the year, they can serve as your support system to help you see a better tomorrow. 

2. A “Sense of Home”

Do you have any family traditions surrounding the holidays? This can help with adjusting to new situations you’ve found yourself in throughout the course of the year. The familiarity and “sense of home” felt when spending time with family members during the holidays can release chemicals, such as serotonin, within your system to boost your emotional and mental health. Additionally, it’s known that these relationships could increase a person’s lifespan up to 50%, so it’s important to take advantage of them.

3. Making Memories 

The clock ticks at its own pace, and for most people, it’s way too fast. Seeing family members over the holidays is a way of slowing down the clock, spending time with younger family members before they’re grown, and taking the time to truly value the current stage of where everyone is at in their lives. With each holiday comes the opportunity to provide memories that will last a lifetime.

How to Safely See Family in 2021

It’s not uncommon to have hesitations about traveling or seeing family during this year’s holiday season. However, taking proper safety precautions can not only allow you to see your family this year but also to be more comfortable enjoying your time with them. 

Tips From the CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have outlined several tips and precautions to take before hitting the roads this holiday season to ensure you and your family’s safety:

  1. Whether you’re vaccinated or unvaccinated, getting tested before and after traveling is very important, particularly if you feel sick or are experiencing any COVID symptoms. 
  2. Consider gathering with your family members in an outdoor setting in good weather, as it is safer than being together indoors. Indoor gatherings can still be an option, but they do come with a higher risk of spreading infection if it’s present.
  3. For anybody over the age of two, it can be beneficial to wear a mask if you aren’t fully vaccinated to reduce the risk of transmission.
  4. Use hand sanitizer frequently.
  5. Avoid large crowds if possible.

If You’re Immunocompromised

If you or a family member has a compromised immune system, it’s important to take just a few extra precautions recommended by the CDC when traveling or visiting family members this year. Regardless of vaccination status, wearing a mask can be beneficial (unless your doctor tells you otherwise). 

Additionally, joining in on family traditions via virtual methods can still be a way of “seeing” your family for the holidays and spending time together, and can be a happy medium between full-fledged travel and not putting your health at too much risk. 

Family Visiting at Homestead Village

Homestead Village is a top-rated enhanced living community for adults over 62 years old, located in the heart of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We’re proudly devoted to cultivating a community that encourages residents to be involved, pursue continuing education, and benefit from connectivity.  

Our top-notch housing, ranging from apartments to full, multiple-bedroom homes, is built to create opportunities for social engagement. Residents enjoy entertaining family and friends in their homes, as well as community rooms and spaces throughout our campus. We understand the importance of spending time with family throughout the entire year, which is why when family is visiting with their loved ones, they are also welcome to enjoy amenities such as our pickleball courts and walking paths. 

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about what Homestead Village has to offer for enhanced senior living or how we accommodate our members’ families to travel and visit.



What is the Importance of Seeing Family for the Holidays?

  1. A Support System
  2. A “Sense of Home”
  3. Making Memories 

How to Safely See Family in 2021?

  1. Get vaccinated or tested before meeting up
  2. Gather outside
  3. Wear a mask
  4. Use hand sanitizer
  5. Don’t gather in large groups

What to do if you’re traveling and immunocompromised?

  1. Strictly follow CDC guidelines
  2. Consider a virtual meetup

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