From The President: Two Years with our Vision Statement

Homestead Village Home Care provides Companion Transportation anywhere you would like to go!

Homestead Village Home Care provides Companion Transportation anywhere you would like to go!

At Homestead Village, our creeds are not just words for brochures and picture frames. We take them at their word and focus our efforts on fulfilling them every day. Approximately two years ago, the Homestead Village Board of Directors approved a new vision statement.

Our vision statement is really two separate statements. The first sentence IS the vision, “To serve all who come into our community.” How? With genuine and remarkable kindness, respect and skill. So our goal is very clear. To achieve it requires every employee to be engaged and focused every minute of every day. We must improve our hiring, our training, our orientation, our leadership, and our support of each employee if we hope to achieve such a high level of service.

The second sentence provides further clarification. Our service should be individualized. In other words, we should learn your preferences and deliver them. Our service should be continually improving. This includes new programs and services; but most importantly improving our personal service. Our service is more than the things we do for one another here at Homestead Village. In reality, the Homestead Village community can only be great if it is giving to others, It is better to give than to receive and a big part of our focus must be helping our friends and neighbors both here in Lancaster and around the world. Our vision ends with a focus on wellness. True service seeks the best for the person being served. There is no better service than helping people to be as well as possible, including physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. We achieve that with the programs and services we offer you on a daily basis.

It is our hope that you experience the promises of this vision statement each and every day.

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