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What Sets Homestead Village Apart? Support for Residential Living

THRIVE at Homestead Village, Lancaster PA

The THRIVE Team at Homestead Village is here to help residents in many ways.

By definition, a Life Plan Community (also formerly known as a continuing care retirement community) offers a full range of services, from residential living to personal care to skilled nursing care and more.  

Lancaster County is unique, having 17 top-quality non-profit continuing care retirement communities which all offer excellent services and amenities. Because of this, Lancaster has been designated a top retirement destination in all of North America by US News and World Report! Most communities offer pools, fitness centers, makers-spaces, community gathering spaces, and a variety of home styles.  While these amenities catch the eye – there is often a question that is forgotten: what support services are provided to residents in the neighborhoods of the community? 

Live Independently in Homestead's Townstead Apartments A unique feature that makes Homestead Village stand out among the 17 is that in addition to a wide range of beautiful housing options and amenities, there is also a wide range of helpful services for residents who live in the cottages, villas, carriage homes, and apartments.  Our Lancaster CCRC boasts a knowledgeable, dedicated, and caring team of staff whose role includes providing support to the neighborhood homes.   

So, if someone had a fall, needed a ride, or just needed a helping hand, other communities may not be able to meet that type of need. In other words, the resident would be on their own to find services outside of their home and their community.

At Homestead, residents have a variety of ways to receive assistance if or when needed, and it’s just a phone call or push of a button away. 

At Homestead Village, support for our Village neighborhoods includes:

  • Campus nurses who can respond 24 hours a day in case of emergency, and can do things like a blood pressure check, or be a helpful resource to line up additional services if needed 
  • A Campus social worker who is available to help with insurance questions, family needs, and also organize support groups
  • A campus chaplain who provides spiritual support
  • Home care support is available whether someone would like housekeeping, companion transportation, or a caregiver to attend a doctor’s appointment
  • Transportation services that provide complimentary car service to all medical appointments within a 5-mile radius. (This is great even if you’re still able to drive. For example, if you got your eyes dilated or received a medication that limits driving, transportation services can help).
  • Worry-free maintenance always receives outstanding scores on the resident satisfaction surveys. Our maintenance team goes above and beyond expectations to help with anything from changing a light bulb to fixing a leak, to servicing and maintaining all appliances. 
  • The option for residents to cultivate the gardens around their homes. Gardening is a calming and enjoyable practice that many residents enjoy, and we find resident gardens are absolutely gorgeous! However, many residents are happy to let the Homestead Village Grounds Team take care of the mowing and gardening. A partnership exists between the residents and grounds team that makes our campus uniquely beautiful. 
  • Optional emergency call system and daily check-ins for individuals who live alone or those who like the idea of pushing a button for emergency response, all free of charge

CCRC Staff Who Are Dedicated to Our Community Residents

Below are some comments from our team about the roles they play in supporting our residents: 

“What I appreciate most about Homestead Village is that, over time, the community becomes a family unit! The staff truly cares for you, as a person; aiming to serve your physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs.” — Wayne Cooley, Associate Chaplain 

“Our Home Care Services department is just one example of Homestead Village’s philosophy of “Thrive Where You Are”.  The Homestead Village culture and our most amazing residents make it an absolute joy to be here and is what sets us apart from every other community.” — Laura McGowan, Home Care Manager

“As the Residential Living Nurse at HV, I am inspired every day by the family-like character of our community, which allows me to enjoy my passion of giving and serving, as a nurse. I know I will touch others and, hopefully, I will inspire them as well through learning, compassion, and caring.” — Terre Smaldone, Residential Living Nurse

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“The main services I assist residents with is connecting them to resources here at Homestead Village and within the surrounding community. Residents often have questions related to health and in-home benefits, insurance/policy questions, care coordination, etc. I enjoy assisting residents by obtaining the resources they need to be successful. It allows me to gain new knowledge about processes and procedures. When a resident presents a challenging task, it gives me an opportunity to learn in a new way. My favorite thing about working at Homestead Village is the welcoming and kind environment. I also enjoy running the Caregiver Support Group and our newer Grief and Bereavement group. We are all encouraged to do our best every day. Even on the days we feel we may have fallen short in some areas; we are reassured that tomorrow is a new day to try again.” — Akunna Okere, Residential Living Social Worker. 

“The Transportation Department is very accommodating to the Residents; even the majority of all last-minute requests are put on our schedule. On average, we take 330 trips to resident appointments. We have three cars and two buses. The buses are used more for shopping shuttles and planned trips through the life enrichment program. The residents are very appreciative of our service. Additionally, HV employees have great work relationships and departments help other departments.” — Pam English, Transportation Supervisor    

Why Homestead Village is Right for You?

So, if you’re looking for the perfect community for you, it’s certainly important to consider fitness centers, pools, restaurants, and pubs, but be sure to consider what support services are available for the residential living parts of campus you are interested in. When a need arises, it’s better to have a support network that’s there for you!

Come see what our care services look like for yourself. Our caring and knowledgeable team would love to chat with you and answer all of your questions in regards to the best continuing care retirement community in Lancaster, PA for you! Contact us today to request a brochure or schedule a tour.

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