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Why Lancaster County, PA Tops the List of Places to Retire

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Earlier, we published a post here on the blog featuring 10 questions you should ask to find the best retirement community for your lifestyle and needs. We touched on some of the biggest things that make Homestead Village a phenomenal choice among Life Plan Communities like ours as you consider places to retire.

Today, we are taking the opportunity to highlight why Lancaster County—the fantastic Pennsylvania community in which Homestead Village is established—has repeatedly won national-level awards as a top retirement spot.

There are so many reasons why our hometown of Lancaster and the broader local region are among America’s most enticing retirement destinations. Join us and discover a few of the most significant advantages of Lancaster County as one of the best places to retire!

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Lancaster Features a Reasonable Cost of Living

It’s true that U.S. News & World Report has consistently chosen Lancaster as one of the top places to retire in recent years due in large part to a reasonable cost of living in the area.

First, in Pennsylvania—specifically Lancaster—taxes are not overly burdensome on seniors and retirees. Compared to surrounding states like New Jersey and Maryland, Pennsylvania taxes for retirees and seniors are lower because most retirement income is not taxed. Additionally, PA state sales tax for purchasing goods is only 6 percent and does not apply to many food items, clothing, or other necessities.

Housing and other costs trend lower than the national averages in Lancaster County, as well. Compared to some of our geographically closest metros, like Philadelphia and New York City, living in Lancaster is exceptionally affordable.

Even better, our Residents at Homestead Village do not have to worry about paying property taxes! You’ll want to check out our FAQs page for more information about selling your current home and moving into one of our luxurious Farmstead carriage homes, beautiful cottages, or convenient campus apartments.

Lancaster Values Residents of All Ages

Some cities and metropolitan areas seem to prioritize younger families and workers, but Lancaster truly wants to attract new residents from every age bracket.

Recently earning the Age-Friendly City designation through an initiative by the World Health Organization (WHO) and AARP, Lancaster has pledged to “focus on ensuring that the unique needs of individuals over age 60 are being actively addressed.” This includes implementing strategies in quality of life areas like transportation, social participation, and community service offerings that consider mature adults’ preferences in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In fact, the Age-Friendly initiative is not unlike our own THRIVE WHERE YOU ARE® initiative here at Homestead Village. More than a tagline, this concept is a philosophy and a guiding principle for how we provide life-enhancing services to our Residents.

Quality Healthcare Resources Abound

Another reason why Lancaster scores so highly on U.S. News’ survey of the best retirement spots across the country is our larger community’s plethora of healthcare options. With a number of hospital systems in Lancaster County, including Penn State Health, UPMC, Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, and more, locals have easy and convenient access to specialist care right in their own backyard.

Plus, when you reside within a Life Plan retirement community campus like Homestead Village, you gain additional access to care resources right at home! Personal Care, Skilled Nursing, and Memory Support are all available to help you thrive, no matter how your healthcare needs may change over time.

Downtown Lancaster Has a Thriving Food Scene

In addition to all its financial, health, and wellness benefits, Lancaster is also a fun—and delicious—place to call home! Our friends at Explore Retirement Living recently shared all the details of Lancaster’s amazing dining scene, which is directly related to the region’s prominence in agriculture.

“Farm to Table” has long been a local tradition, even before that food movement became trendy! If you love to eat—or shop for fresh foods at farmers’ markets, Lancaster County will delight you.

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The Local Region is Steeped in Culture and History

Along with a thriving food and market culture, Lancaster County is one of America’s oldest inland cities, founded in 1742. Because it’s so historic, the amount of culture and high-quality arts experiences available in our hometown is unrivaled.

Whether you love classical music, art museums, historic homes, or simply taking a country drive to appreciate farmland views, Lancaster has something for everyone. And, here at Homestead Village, we make it easy to get involved and enjoy the good life our local community offers.

Beautiful Seasons and Temperate Climate

If you’ve checked out that U.S. News list we mentioned above, you may have noticed that two retirement destinations in Florida beat out Lancaster in 2020. While it’s tough to argue that Florida weather isn’t lovely—especially during the winter months—we believe Lancaster’s temperate mid-Atlantic climate really is preferable.

In Lancaster County, we have the benefit of experiencing four distinct seasons, each beautiful in its own way. From gorgeous fall foliage to an abundance of spring flowers, plus peaceful snows in winter and warm summers, our local weather is always interesting, and very often quite comfortable.

Additionally, when all of the weather-related hassles of homeownership—such as raking leaves and shoveling snow—are taken care of by our dedicated team of Homestead Village maintenance staff, Residents can truly enjoy the change of seasons in Lancaster County.

Ready to THRIVE WHERE YOU ARE in Retirement?

Thriving in retirement is easier when everything you could need or want is within easy reach, right where you are. That’s the kind of lifestyle Lancaster County—and Homestead Village—can provide for a wide variety of Residents looking for one of the best places to retire.

Get in touch today to discover more about our services here on campus, as well as uncover even more reasons why we love our location here in Lancaster. Better yet, come and take a tour to experience our community for yourself!

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