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Why We Chose The Townstead Apartments: A New Homestead Village Community

By Rich Bidgood & Ann Steiner, Future Townstead Residents 

We are Rich Bidgood and Ann Steiner, and we are excited to share our story of why we chose The Townstead Apartments, a new Homestead Village community that will be built in Lancaster, PA. We have lived in Lancaster for over 40 years, and we love our home, neighborhood, and especially our city. But now that we have both retired, we’ve been thinking about what kind of lifestyle we want for the next phase of our lives. We have been looking for a place that feels like home, but without all the work, that provides us with everything we need as we age, including quality care, and that gives us the freedom to do the things we enjoy: hobbies, travel, and being with each other and with friends. 

That place is The Townstead Apartments. 

We are not the only ones who have made this decision. Many of our friends and neighbors have also reserved their apartments at The Townstead, and we are looking forward to seeing them there when construction is completed. We are also eager to meet new people and make new friends at The Townstead at Homestead Village. We have heard many positive stories from current Homestead residents who are happy with their choice and enjoy the vibrant and friendly atmosphere of the community.

So, what are the main reasons that drove us to choose The Townstead? Here are some of them:

One-floor living, no maintenance, lots of light, and a balcony with a view. We love our current home, but we know that it requires a lot of work and upkeep. We are tired of mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, fixing leaks, and painting walls. We want to spend our time and energy on things that matter to us, not on chores. We also want to live in a comfortable and bright space that suits our needs and preferences. The Townstead apartments offer us exactly that: one-floor living, no maintenance, light, and a balcony with a view. We can’t wait to move in and decorate our new home with our favorite furniture and art. 

Convenience and security. We travel frequently and are away for extended periods of time. We love the idea of locking the door to our apartment and driving to the airport, without looking back. We don’t have to worry about leaving our home unattended or finding someone to care for it while we are gone. We also don’t have to worry about coming home to a pile of bills, a broken pipe, or a leaky roof. We know that our home and our belongings are safe and secure at The Townstead, and that the staff and the neighbors are looking out for us. We also appreciate the convenience of having everything we need within walking distance or a short drive: shops, restaurants, entertainment, health care, and more. The Townstead’s location is ideal for us, as we want to stay close to Downtown Lancaster and enjoy its culture and charm.

Continuum of care and peace of mind. Today, we are independent, healthy, and very active, but we recognize that we will not always be so. We have seen our parents and relatives struggle with aging and health issues, and we have learned from their experiences. We want to be proactive and plan for our future needs, not wait until a crisis happens. We like knowing that as we age and our needs change, assistance, care, and community will already be available to us. We don’t have to move again, or look for another place, or burden our family. We can transition to the level of care we need, whether personal care or skilled nursing, all within the same Homestead Village campus. We have witnessed the quality and compassion of Homestead’s care first-hand, as Ann’s father received excellent care at Homestead. We trust Homestead to take care of us when we need it and to respect our dignity and autonomy. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we want to know that our adult daughter will never have to put her life on hold to care for us or arrange for our care. We will already be exactly where we need to be to get the assistance we need. 

These are some of the reasons why we chose The Townstead, but there are many more. We are confident that we have made the right decision for ourselves and our families, and we are excited to start this new chapter of our lives. We invite you to join us and discover for yourself what The Townstead Apartments and Homestead have to offer. You can visit the website, call their office, or schedule a tour to learn more. We hope to see you soon at The Townstead Apartments, our new home and community. 

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