Future Residents Celebrate 30th Reservation at The Townstead - Homestead Village

Future Residents Celebrate 30th Reservation at The Townstead

December 14th, 2023 marked an extra special day at Homestead Village as the 30th residence was reserved at the new Townstead Apartments.  Our Future residents have started to create bonds of friendship by attending various events at Homestead Village throughout the year including mixers, educational events, and celebrations such as our 20th reservation milestone, Holiday Party and our Wall-Breaking party.  Excitement is also building around the upcoming renovations of the current apartment building and village center which will lay the foundation for the Townstead expansion.  Homestead Village is a truly unique and welcoming environment – will you be our next future resident?

What are folks saying about The Townstead?

 “It is nearby, and we want to stay in close proximity to Lancaster City.  We love going downtown for food and atmosphere.  Of all of the communities in Lancaster, this is the most conveniently located for us.”

“Homestead has the right vibe for us. It is informal and casual, friendly and welcoming.  It is big enough to have everything we need, but it is not so big that it feels impersonal or like a city itself.”

“Homestead has a great reputation; we know many current residents who are happy at Homestead and with their decision to move there.”

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