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Homestead Village Wood Shop Annual Update

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Mission Statement

The Homestead Village Woodshop exists to promote safe, creative activities and an active lifestyle for its members, and provide a service to Homestead Village residents through building and repairing all objects made from wood.

Vision Statement      

Lifelong learning is provided through members exchanging ideas and mentoring each other in completing projects and enhancing individual skills.

2023 Year in Review:

The Wood Shop at Homestead Village is located in a spacious annex that is part of an original historic barn located on the Homestead Campus.  It is available to interested individuals of any skill level, and members from beginner to experienced are welcome to participate. The shop has been very active again this year making projects for Homestead and other organizations. We have completed 83 individual projects this year, which is another record. Projects were as simple as cutting tomato stakes and as challenging as building and installing two cabinet and bookcase combinations. Four single and two double bookshelves were completed for the Homestead Library. Other projects completed for Homestead were 1) twelve picture frames for Ficks house, 2) repair of a large clock case, 3) sand and refinish two chairs, and 4) build a stage prop for the Activities Committee. We have also completed projects for organizations outside Homestead, such as Immerse International, Community Fellowship Church, Lancaster Historical Society, Operation Child, and the Kensill Fund for Hope auction, but by far most of our work was building and repairing items for Homestead residents and employees. This year many repairs were completed on tables (11), chairs (25), and other furniture pieces. Our most unusual request this year was to slice logs to be used as part of wedding centerpieces and one for the ring bearer to carry the rings.

If you have something that needs repair, or have another idea, talk to one of the craftsmen. We may be able to help. Another service offered at the shop is designing.  The craftsmen in the shop can build from existing plans or can design original furniture, wall hangings, room dividers, etc., from a picture or concept.  There is no charge for design work.

There are currently ten experienced craftsmen and five conditional members enjoying the Wood Shop.  We are proud of our shop, which is well supplied with quality tools and a resource library. Tools and instruction are provided for anyone wishing to learn or improve their wood working skills.  The Wood Shop is self-supporting.  Clients are billed for the cost of materials, plus an amount for shop upkeep.  All craftsman time is volunteer.

Wood shop craftsmen support Homestead by tracking volunteer hours.  In 2023, the craftsmen have donated over 3000 hours of volunteer time in support of Homestead Village.

Our major shop upgrade this year was a granite assembly table which provides us with a much needed flat reference surface to assemble projects.

Thank you to Homestead for providing a room for our shop and for all the encouragement they give. Also, thank you to maintenance for their support, especially in moving objects too heavy for us to move.

Want to learn more? Contact Homestead Village at 717-874-4233.

Ken Davidson, HV Resident & Woodshop Chairman


Homestead Village Wood Shop, Lancaster PA

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