HVARC Amateur Radio Club Plans Bake Sale - Homestead Village

HVARC Amateur Radio Club Plans Bake Sale

The Radio Club demonstrates use of their equipment

The Radio Club demonstrates use of their equipment

The Homestead Village Amateur Radio Club (HVARC) primarily exists to assist in local, county-wide, or even national emergency communications as needs arise and to help residents be prepared for emergencies that may impact them. They train in public service events and maintain a radio station that can communicate locally with 911 emergency services or statewide with the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA). Periodically, the club members will do an open demonstration of their equipment to raise awareness.

Another great feature of the “HAM” radio club is the social aspect! Users can have on-air conversations with users from around the world about topics ranging from hobbies, current events, technical aspects of the hobby, and more! It is possible to make contacts around the world from your recliner with nothing more than a handheld radio which can be purchased for around $150. Even simply being part of the HVARC is a great way to be part of a fun group of individuals with common interests.  Radio enthusiasts also now have online communities and forums where curious participants can engage with others.

In the words of one HVARC member, “Hams connect via “nets” which are just getting together on the same frequency at the same trine.  For example, every morning at 9 AM we have numerous hams from the Lancaster county area get together.  The net was started at the beginning of COVID as a way to check on each other.  We all know each other by first name and most of the time we can recognize the other operators by their voice. During the year there are frequent gatherings at parks or for club meetings where we meet each other directly.”

The Club meets monthly in the Emergency Communications Center in the historic barn at Homestead Village. All HAM radio operators and prospective operators, both residents and staff, are welcome and encouraged to attend. At the initial meetings new members will go over the operation of the equipment and its use for emergencies and emergency drills and as a hobby. Club officers also will assist those who are studying for their license exam with tutoring and practice tests for the FCC amateur radio license exam. All residents are welcomed to become part of the team.

To raise funds for their club and equipment, HVARC members will have their annual cookie sale on Saturday, June 1, 2024 from 10:30 to 2:00 at Homestead Village. This year’s theme is “State Cookies” and club members will bake cookies featuring the most popular cookie flavors from each state. Funds from this cookie sale help the HVARC to maintain their station equipment and to be ready for any emergency, as well as recruit new members. Other fundraising efforts over the years have included the sale of all-hazards emergency radios, as well as emergency flashlights.

Contact the Homestead Village Life Enrichment office to learn more.

The radio club cookie sale in 2023

The radio club cookie sale in 2023

The Radio Club shows off their equipment with demonstrations

The radio club shows off their equipment with demonstrations

The Radio Club Cookie Sale 2022

The radio club cookie sale 2022

The Radio Club demonstrates use of their equipment

The radio club demonstrates use of their equipment

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