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Stories of Service

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From the President: Service Worthy of a Story

One of our core beliefs at Homestead Village is that stories can underscore our mission and vision. We have learned that telling stories is really more beneficial, encouraging and motivating than just talking about our values. Stories really help to illuminate what makes Homestead Village such a great place to live and work. For the past year, we’ve been sharing our stories internally to encourage our team members and recognize their great service. We have decided that these stories are too good to keep hidden, so we will share them here.

Denise Goss, Receptionist: a Late-night Visit

One of our residents was ill and was transported by ambulance to the emergency room. At 10:30 p.m. that night, a nurse came into the patient’s ER room and told her that she had a visitor. Since she had no family in the area, our resident did not know who could possibly be visiting that late at night. A few minutes later, in walked Denise Goss, an evening receptionist at Homestead Village. At the end of her shift, Denise had decided that she needed to check on our resident and keep her company. Our resident told Denise that she did not need to stay, but Denise gently made it clear that she planned to sit with her until she was discharged or admitted to the hospital.

That, my friends, is caring. That is the essence of a compassionate community. That is love.

Daniel McGinn, Home Care Driver: Fulfilling High-flying Dreams

Daniel McGinn sees his job as a driver for our home care agency as an opportunity to bring joy to others, so it’s not surprising that, during a ride, Dan asked a resident if there was anything that he missed or would like to experience again. The response? Our resident, a former pilot, stated that — more than anything — he missed flying. Well, that put Dan on a mission. Less than two weeks later, our resident was soaring over Lancaster County. Dan and his co-worker, Kathy Noll, (with the support of Homestead Village leadership) secretly arranged to make this dream come true!

On a Saturday morning, Dan picked our resident up for a morning drive. At 10:30 a.m., the pair arrived at Lancaster County Airport, and the surprise was revealed when local pilot John Brubaker welcomed them for an exciting flight. Asking the right question and then going a few extra steps provided our resident with a truly amazing opportunity. Dan McGinn exemplifies the mission and vision of Homestead Village.

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