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Settling in at Homestead: 3 Decorating Tips to Make Your New Space Your Own

Home Decorating for Comfort and Style in Senior Communities to Make Your Guests Feel Welcome

There’s a big difference between houses and homes. While a house is simply a structure with four walls and a door, “home” is where your heart is. It’s your personal oasis where you feel most comfortable and secure. Stepping inside your home should feel like being embraced in a warm hug from a dear friend. At Homestead Village, we don’t like to call it “downsizing,” we like to call it “rightsizing!” Residents look forward to simplifying their spaces to maximize their lifestyle.  

What Sets Homestead Village ApartUsing the right decorating strategies, you can transform your new space into your new favorite place. Use these three tips to convert your “right sized” accommodations into your new dream home instantly.

1. Clearing the Clutter and Keeping it Clean

Moving and “right sizing” allows you to develop new daily rituals. We’ve all experienced how quickly a clear kitchen counter can transform into temporary housing for mail, to-do lists, phone chargers, Fido’s treats, Amazon returns, and more. Before you know it, a dining room table becomes a laundry center or hobby staging zone. 

Cutting the clutter makes transitioning into your new location effortless. Use these handy tips to keep your new home clear and clean:

  • Declutter: Well before your move, take the time to tackle your clutter. Not only will this simplify the moving process, but it creates a blank canvas for designing the home of your dreams. Go through all of your possessionsyes, even those old holiday ornaments from 1993and decide what to keep, toss, or donate.
  • A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place: After moving into your new space, designate a home for all your items. The ability to stay organized increases when there is a place for everything. When you come home, place your keys, wallet, or purse in a dedicated spot. Bonus: You will know where they are when you leave next! Trouble figuring out what to do with some of your stuff? If space is an issue, consider removing an unused possession for every new item you add to your home. Is organizing not a strength? Ask a trusted friend or family member to assist you in bringing order to your space. 
  • Establish Daily Cleaning Habits: Consistency is key to maintaining a clean home. Make it a point each day to do these things; the more you do it, the easier it gets! 
    • Make your bed. This transforms a room from looking messy to neat in minutes.
    • Touch it once. Don’t delay. Put the dishes in the dishwasher instead of the sink. Just one cup or dish? Give it a quick wash and dry. Hang your coat up when you walk in the door. Following through will reduce cleaning and tidying time later when your willpower is likely lower.
    • Don’t leave a room empty-handed. As you move throughout your home, grab anything that doesn’t belong in that room and make a stop at its final destination. Empty glass on the nightstand? The completed puzzle or last night’s card game on the kitchen table? Full laundry basket?

Creating Space for Conversation

2. Creating Space for Conversation

When you move to Homestead Village, you’ll have even more time to nurture relationships with your friends and loved ones! Plus, you’ll gain an entire community of new friends!  Even if you move into a smaller space than where you previously lived, the community offers numerous spacious floor plans that make it easy to entertain. As such, taking a thoughtful approach to creating a space for conversation and connection is important. 

How you arrange your furniture directs the focus of the people in it. Keep the eyes off the TV by dedicating a space for get-togethers. For example, a sofa and two chairs separated by a table will seat everyone in the room across from each other, allowing a place to lay out snacks or play a game. Leave enough space to navigate the area with ease. Too much furniture placed too close together can make guests feel claustrophobic.

Personal touches like cozy, supportive sofa pillows, fresh flowers, and essential oil diffusers will make everyone feel serene and relaxed. Do you have a great view from your windows? Soften the frame of your view with curtains that can also provide privacy when needed.

3. Set the Mood with Lighting

Whether you’re sipping your morning coffee or reading a book before bed, interior lighting can impact the ambiance of your home and your mood. Let the natural light shine through during the daylight hours. A room full of sunlight is uplifting. Daily doses of vitamin D improve your mood, even during dreary winter days. 

Use well-positioned lamps, wall sconces, and overhead lighting that project a warm glow as evening settles in. Add brighter lights to high-traffic areas to reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls. Homestead Village offers two hours of complimentary maintenance service upon move-in, so if you need help hanging lights, we’re happy to help!  We also allow residents to purchase their own light fixtures during the home’s renovation phase so that the fixtures are already installed when you’re ready to move in!   From pendant lights to ceiling fans, there are limitless options!

Helping You Settle in at Homestead

Helping You Settle in at Homestead

When you have found the perfect retirement home, use these home decorating tips to create a clean, comfortable space that you and your friends and family can enjoy together

Need help settling in? Homestead Village is always happy to lend a hand! We offer comprehensive customization plans for new residents. Pick and choose packages that best suit your needs, preferences, and lifestyle, including modern kitchens, brand-new bathrooms, and lighting.

At Homestead Village, you’ll enjoy a wide range of living options in a community with a small-town feel. Our residents enjoy lifelong learning programs, volunteer opportunities, worry-free home maintenance, 24-hour security, an on-site fitness center, and more.

Ready to find your new home in Lancaster, PA? Book your tour of Homestead Village today.


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