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What Older Adults Should Expect from a Top-Performing Continuing Care Retirement Community

Top-Performing CCRC in Lancaster

Retirement is something many people look forward to after a fulfilled life of hard work. In fact, compared to those 25-34 years old, people in their golden years have reported feeling happier, more content, and more relaxed.

Explore the TownsteadFrom tenured professionals to empty nesters, after years of devoting time and effort towards setting up a stable retirement, it’s easy to be eager about the next phase of your life and wonder, “Well, what’s next for me?”

By 2030, an estimated 2 million Americans will live in some type of senior living community. This is because senior living communities, specifically continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), have wonderful benefits to those 62 years of age and older—increasing residents’ feelings of happiness, contentedness, and relaxation.

Top performing CCRCs should have residences, amenities, and services built around your needs and what most people want to enjoy in retirement: socializing, finding active hobbies, and enjoying giving back by using their knowledge and skills to benefit others.

Even with these perks, transitioning into retirement also involves some big changes, and sometimes, those changes can be hard to navigate. Retirees need to consider things like:

Choosing a quality continuing care retirement community doesn’t have to be challenging!

Consider Your Needs when Searching for Your CCRC

When looking for a retirement community, it’s important to have preferences based on your current or anticipated future needs such as:

For many people, moving to a continuing care retirement community is a great choice because it checks all the boxes for a fulfilled and enriched lifestyle combined with healthcare security. Below, you’ll find some additional items to consider when searching for a top-performing continuing care retirement community. 

What Is a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

A continuing care retirement community (CCRC) or, now often referred to as a Life Plan Community,  is an organization that provides long-term care and housing, combined with enhanced living amenities  and wellness for individuals aged 62 and better.

A CCRC is a residential community that provides residential “independent” living, personal care, and skilled nursing care. Additional services may include home care, secure memory support, care coordination services, and therapy services such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Many CCRCs also offer transportation services, social work support, nursing support for residential living, and chaplain services.

A large number of adults in the Boomer generation have recently cared for their own aging parents at the same time they raised children of their own. Navigating these challenges has led them to be more proactive about moving to a community so that their own children do not have to become their caregivers in the future. A CCRC becomes the essential support network for the residents who live there so that the resident does not have to depend on family or friends to become caregivers as their care needs change. 

Beyond the care services, many individuals choose a CCRC lifestyle because it provides engagement and wellness opportunities that may otherwise become difficult to access as someone progresses in years. You can enjoy all the social activities available in the community and have full access to amenities such as restaurants, entertainment options, shops, fitness centers, libraries, and more.

Being proactive with your retirement plan is important because if there is ever an unexpected crisis, it’s so much better to know who to call, and how you will be supported. In the CCRC, a “safety net” plan is in place so residents and their families have peace of mind. Even if you don’t need to take advantage of the “safety net”, you can still enjoy a beautiful home and amenities in the meantime. 

And if you’re looking to move into a continuing care retirement community in Lancaster or around central PA, you have plenty of options. 

Identifying Top-Rated Continuing Care Retirement Communities

A top-rated CCRC is a place where you can THRIVE WHERE YOU ARE®,  feel safe, and be surrounded by people who share your interests. It’s also where you can find all the necessary services and amenities to stay active and healthy.

The best CCRCs are designed to help older adults through life transitions with ease. When you choose a top-performing CCRC, you’re choosing an organization with a proven track record of providing quality care and support. 

One way to know that a CCRC is committed to quality is that they have gone through an accreditation process. CARF is the only nationally recognized accrediting organization for Life Plan Communities. This distinction is earned by an ongoing commitment to excellence in quality care and services and earned through a stringent application process and on-site program review survey.

Here are some of the things older adults can expect from a top-performing CCRC:

  • An atmosphere that feels like home. You want to be able to relax and feel at ease in your new surroundings, and it’s important that your community feels like somewhere you could see yourself living for the rest of your life.
  • A high-quality staff. You want people around you who know what they’re doing and are ready to go above and beyond for you. After all, this is going to be your home.
  • Great amenities. A good community will have lots of fun activities and amenities on offer so that you can stay active and busy throughout the day. 
  • A beautiful location. It’s nice if your retirement community has access to some beautiful scenery or nature preserves nearby so that you can enjoy nature whenever possible.
  • Numerous living options. Many  CCRCs will have numerous residences that vary in shape, size, and price range to fit the majority of your needs in retirement.
  • Engaging social events. Whether you’re moving into a retirement community for the first time or just moving from one facility to another, getting to know your new neighbors is essential to setting down roots at any CCRC. The community should make it easy for you to socialize and network with other residents.
  • A safe environment. A great CCRC should have options for emergency call systems for all residents. Options may include an optional daily check-in program, emergency button, or round-the-clock staffing for emergency response to all campus residents. Homes should be built with universal design in mind—which means that the homes are accessible to all residents regardless of handicap accessibility needs. 

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Finding a Luxury Continuing Care Retirement Community

You should keep your lifestyle preferences top of mind when looking for a quality CCRC. Consider things like:

  • Do you want a home-like setting or more upscale resort-like setting? 
  • Do you want access to medical care on-site or nearby? 
  • What activities do you enjoy? 
  • What entrance-fee plan or payment structure appeals to you?
  • How much healthcare support do you want to have available to you in your residential living home? 
  • How much are residents involved in the leadership of the community?

These are all factors that will impact your choice of community type.

It’s also important to think about your health and well-being. This includes taking care of yourself physically and mentally, as well as making sure that you are receiving adequate care from medical professionals. 

At Homestead Village, we know a luxury community should provide various support services designed specifically for older adults seeking active lifestyle activities. 

Our community amenities are geared toward supporting memory and cognitive function like: 

  • Physical fitness programs designed by doctors specifically for aging populations
  • Dietary options that meet your nutritional requirements
  • Social events that allow residents to connect with neighbors

Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Pennsylvania

At Homestead Village, we are expanding our living residences to provide a fresh opportunity for those coming into our community. The Townstead, here in Lancaster, PA, combines the best living environment combined with close proximity to healthcare services you may need throughout your continuum of care. We pride ourselves on being a top-performing CCRC that allows you to age in place while providing access to highly-rated services and amenities. Aging in place on your terms is a pillar in our retirement community. 

But, the best way to get an idea of what an ideal community would offer you is to visit some in person to see them for yourself! Contact us today to learn more about Homestead Village, the Townstead, or to have a campus brochure mailed to you.



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